Costing is one of the cornerstone in companies, most key business decisions are based on it. By understanding and modelling it, you can understand what drives the company activity. Indeed, some example of decisions made on costing are :

  • Fine tuning operation to generate higher profitability
  • Analyzing where to cut costs in the event of a business downturn
  • Comparing actual costs versus budgeted costs
  • Making strategic plans for the future

Therefore, improving your company performance will be easier with the right costing solution and we will be happy to help you find and implement it !

We have more than 16 years of experience and more than 100 projects led in costing with many references in banks and industries such as Société Générale, BNP, Coca Cola European Partners, LVMH, …

Our services entail IT costing, cost reallocation, transfer pricing, set-up of Centre of Excellence and Core model, standard cost computations

Each solution is tailored to fit the client needs and enable the client to maintain the solution by themselves.

We also offer support for post project maintenance or evolutions.